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Security Systems

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The IT department plays a critical role in assisting the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to economically and effectively respond to the physical threats and cover the gamut of security challenges faced by today’s businesses.

Video analytics

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Video analytics allow organizations to monitor and manage multiple video surveillance cameras by automatically recognizing changes in activity on the screen to generate an alert or trigger a response from the monitoring staff observing the feed,

Video Monitoring Service

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Our real time Live surveillance services are the right choice for large outdoor properties like construction sites, utility service centers / substations, material yards, and car dealerships.

Access Control

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Facial Recognition and Face Search.

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License Plate Recognition and Traffic Monitoring System

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Your Eye on the Road.

POS Analytics

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Video surveillance, cash register and customer checkout supervision

Social analytics

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Measuring + Analyzing + Interpreting interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas.