Video Monitoring Service

Video Surveillance Systems For Your Needs. Our real time Live surveillance services are the right choice for large outdoor properties like construction sites, utility service centers / substations, material yards, and car dealerships.

Our remote security services blanket your operations in a surveillance shield that "NOTHING GETS THROUGH UNDETECTED".

Remote Video Monitoring Service

You can stop worrying about loss because crime stops when TSA surveillance team monitors your property. We feed video over the internet to our TSA Control Room where our sentries keep watch for any signs of intrusion. When we install our crime stopping sirens and strobes, our live security monitoring team can activate them to chase intruders off your property before they cause any damage. We can provide remote monitoring services for your existing surveillance cameras or you can install our own fixed or mobile monitoring solutions.

Key Applications: Construction Site Security, Utility Security, Car Dealership Security, Business, Schools, Banks, Small Business, Residential, Home, Traffic Monitoring etc.