Facial Recognition and Face Search.

To resist intruders, you must be able to find them.

The Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within the video frame. It automatically detects and captures the image of that person and compares it to known photos of persons of interest. You can use this detection tool to create a database of employees or other individuals: a camera situated in an entrance can record all who pass through the turnstile and save images of their faces to a database.
Identifies people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions
A non-intrusive, contact-free process, unlikeother biometrics
Compatible with legacy databases
Real-time notification about recognized persons
Easy integration with existing systems
Real-time notification of identity matches and alerts
Automatic synchronization with users database
Integration with access control systems
Recognition algorithms powered by Cognitec SDK v 5.0

Facial Recognition and Face Search

Face recognition module
The facial recognition module automatically compares an image chosen by the face capture module with images stored in a database. Identification algorithms, powered by the Cognitec engine, guarantee high probability of correct recognition and quick search of databases containing hundreds or thousands of images. The Facial Recognition module integrates with various biometric systems for identifying human faces, from checkpoints to criminal databases.
Face search module
The face search module, powered by the Cognitec or VeriLook engine, creates a database of all faces captured by video cameras and lets you search the database for similar faces. To search, indicate a frame in the video archive containing a face, indicate a link (URL) to an image, or upload an image of a face to the system. The results are displayed as a list of photographs sorted by similarity. This module makes your search in video footage for persons of interest dramatically faster, as well as collecting statistics on capture by various cameras.
Diverse Applications
Intellect’s Facial Recognition and Face Search modules are designed for use at public places, airports, stadiums, border control zones, prisons, critical infrastructure, and military sites.
Investigation and search activities. Upon recognition of a person recorded into an investigational database by the module, the operator receives all available information and immediately notifies law enforcement authorities. The Face Search module is a great time-saver for investigation and search activities based on video footage.
Restricted access objects requiring the highest level of security. Traditional access control systems cannot prevent an unauthorized person from using an access card. The Facial Recognition module authenticates a card holder automatically, by comparing the face in the video frame with the image in the database
Face identification at border crossings (Intellect Enterprise can connect to external databases with images of terrorists and wanted criminals), with simultaneous cross-check of facial image to passport/ID.